Poetry Attempt: 2020 Reflection of US

Every so often a spark strikes and I'll make an attempt to complete a thought in the form of poetry.  Not great poetry, but it's a fun challenge when I have time. 

On a serious note, that spark hit hard this evening, fueled by the endless frustration, anger, and pain so many are feeling by the current state of our country. 

I'm happy to share for those interested and in case it provides some thought and reflection regardless of political view.  It is clear what I think on that front, led by an independent mind and disgust at the current state of our nation.  Save any arguments about party... not interested.  This is focused on leadership style and what we choose to allow and empower.   

There is a positive note here... and it's up to us!  We are fortunate that it is up to us! 


2020 Reflection of US 


Our mighty nation descends to a knee.
Gasping for air from sea to shining sea.
Deafening noise paralyzes reason.
Not often we live in such a dark, divided season.
America can be great, and the one.
The opportunity remains for Liberty’s son.
Our enemy isn’t a virus or threat from afar,
yet irrational division, growing deep, painful scars.
An orange fog clouds our vision and ignites fear,
spreading waves of emotion birthing real tears.
A deep breath and reflection is what we need.
A piercing look inside to uncover the seed.
We will save US with our heart and our brain.
Clear the mind and leap off the propaganda train.
If all you hear is fear, pain, and hate,
take self-control and reset your own fate.
It’s not so impossible to achieve.
To kindle those values our founders believed.
The strength of our nation balances between two.
That of personal freedom and a caring society view.
Freedom can’t fly in fog of greedy deceit.
Our eagle won’t soar and witness waves of wheat.
All lose when perfidious fear traps our wings.
It’s respect and heart that spark our soul to sing.
The first step is personal, then comes the vote.
Look beyond the coerced party, escape the mirage moat.
Be the example, then appoint a servant to lead.
This, our nation and values, sincerely need. 
Just as our eagle soars above the fog,
we must spread our wings and escape the deep bog.
A new day is arising, one clear and bright.
Help launch our nation to our optimistic flight.
 - Jason Burritt

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