Bay's Creek Photography

“Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air.”

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Bay’s Creek Photography

An aspiring and always-in-practice photographer and explorer, I'm constantly seeking meaningful images that leave an impression and an experience. Areas of personal interest include travel, adventure, nature, wildlife, and environmental themes.

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Life is an adventure and so is this site! Visit often to explore the menus for travel perspectives, blogs, videos, perhaps some bad poetry, useful lists and more.

In addition, visit the gear, supplies and other suggested items that might be of value in your own adventure.  Check often as new related items are added frequently. Bay's Creek is a work-in-progress and the fun is the journey.

Caring & Sharing

In development, the Bay’s Creek Foundation will be established as a means to share and spark the flames of curiosity, exploration, and personal growth via programs and support for disadvantaged youth.

For now, during this challenging COVID-19 era, you can find some links to highly-rated organizations and their donation pages for immediate help to those in need.

In following our own dreams, we have a responsibility and opportunity to spark and support dreams of tomorrow. Let's help young minds see the wild wonder of the world and their own limitless potential.  

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