Favorite Locations - Rocky Mountain National Park

Travel and the excitement of new landscapes always sparks the soul for a restless explorer constantly seeking something "new" to discover.  However, there are a few magic places that never fail to feel both a bit like home and an endless mystery. Special places that never loose their allure and inspiration.  One such place is Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado.  



Fortunate enough to have lost count of the visits over the years, RMNP is both familiar and a constantly evolving masterpiece always willing to unveil a new scene, animal or unforgettable experience.  If forced to select, you cannot fail visiting during the autumn season (late September, early October specifically), when you can enjoy waves of yellow "quaking" aspen leaves among the deep evergreens while enjoying crisp fall air and the piercing and hypnotic sounds of the bull elk bugle.  Every season brings a unique scenic beauty, especially the deep snow blankets of winter.  If luck allows in the summer and early fall, you must drive the one-way Old Fall River Road before it closes for the winter, one of the most enjoyable drives I've experienced in the United States.  



As an aspiring photographer and tireless explorer of mountains, RMNP provides a limitless playground to practice and discover.  A joy of mine is the fact RMNP also now holds a special place in the hearts of my own children.  Looking ahead, I can already feel the joy of smiles on my face as I introduce future grandchildren and fresh memories to this wildly beautiful slice of heaven, all while still keeping one eye focused on the endless search for my elusive mountain lion that I still have yet to capture!



Rocky Mountain National Park is a national treasure and one we must celebrate, explore and protect.  RMNP will be featured often on this site and if I'm ever "lost" later in life, you now know where to find me.  


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