Elk Rut Time

It's that magic time of year in the Rocky Mountains!  I'm enjoying the posts on instagram from many of those lucky folks able to visit Rocky Mountain National Park and witness the memorable elk rut in live action over the next few weeks.

In my next life, coming back as a bull Elk in RMNP might not be all that bad.  As the air turns crisp and the yellow aspen leaves paint the mountain landscape, the bulls are loudly bugling, battling other males, and attempting to appear a bit imposing by wearing coats of mud mixed with their own urine, all an attempt to attract the females and a harem.  

Sound odd or interesting?  One could argue the games humans play are a bit more ridiculous and/or funny!  This is an incredible time of year in the mountains and one of my favorites.

For all those enjoying this annual nature festival, post pictures and help the rest of us follow along.  I'll be back again when the kids are finished with their fall sports, unless I can steal a weekend at some point.  I miss that memorable and searing sound of the bull bugle celebrating and fighting for his life and survival.






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