Bison of the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve

Thank goodness for last-minute mini-road trips to explore, escape, and educate the kids (that includes me...).

The Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve, just west of Emporia, Kansas, is a trip back in time.  We were lucky to see a number of bison on a decent hike and enjoy the rolling Flint Hills scenery.  I usually focus on the mountain ranges, but there is a unique beauty in the endless rolling Flint Hills of Kansas that makes you think of early Native Americans, the wave of stagecoach settlers, and the loss of wildlife. 

These bison are incredible creatures, and it is a shame we don't see thousands among the rolling hills, much like Native Americans did, as well as the views Lewis and Clark experienced during their exploration west.  With strong protection and wise management, perhaps these prairies will see a rebound and the hillsides full of bison and wildlife will be a reality again in these special parks and preserves.  



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