Beauty In The Storm

Prayers, best wishes, and good health to all during this COVID-19 storm. 

Before sheltering at home, we (all but one, stuck home for a virtual work meeting) first had the unique opportunity to go "hide" in one of our favorite places, Rocky Mountain National Park.  With spring break plans changing by the minute last week, we drove to our peaceful place and practiced social distancing with our mountain project... capturing as much of the outdoors and beauty as possible prior to driving home to continue our family quarantine.  

While enjoying the mountain solitude, hundreds of pictures were captured on purpose, with the intent to bring a little bit of paradise back home during these long weeks ahead.  I'm happy to share some of these for anyone interested in exploring a bit of mountain beauty while we all remain in our current bubbles (and a side note, don't head there now or at least check first... Estes Park and RMNP have essentially closed).  My little "hobby" over the next weeks will be editing and posting some of our favorites via instagram and this site.  

At the same time, we pray and act in support of those on the front lines and those hurt by this virus.  Stay positive, stay strong, and find ways to be of help.  After a little research, two highly-rated and quality organizations and their donation pages are linked here.  Whatever it might be, add grace, provide positive help, and share some heart during these challenging times. Be well, do well, and best wishes to all.    


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